Ongoing Software Maintenance

You are at right place if your own a software and

  • Want to outsource its ongoing maintenance
  • Want to fix known bugs.
  • Want to add new features.
  • Do not want to keep expensive programmers to maintain your software.
  • We have experienced team for software support and maintenance with skills in variety of different tools, platforms and technologies.

Skilled Software Engineers

We have multi-skilled software engineers with experience in variety of different programming languages, tools and platforms.

Native Team

We have native team and is available for face-to-face meetings if required.

Competitive Rates

We offer our quality services in very competitive rates as compared to the market.


Let us discuss your software maintenance required with our skilled engineers.


software maintenance process

Preventive Maintenance

Early identification and correction of software problems can save from bigger issues. Preventive maintenance can help to avoid any downtime of the system. This maintenance can increase the reliability of the software.

Corrective Maintenance

If required we can provide workaround to make your system up ASAP. In the mean while our team will continue working on permanent solution. Our team will provide a permanent fix of the problem. This fix may involve design changes as well as simple code fixes.

Perfective Maintenance

In this type of maintenance, we can improve the performance and maintainability of your software.

Adaptive Maintenance

We can also upgrade your software to adopt any changes in the environment.

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