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Why Social media marketing is critical for your business?

Most of us are aware of one or more social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, and Twitter, etc. Social media software is the voice of the public and facilitates them to listen to others. Let us discuss why social media platforms are very beneficial for your business.

Social media networks connect billions of people to interact with each other. Do you know how much time people spend on one or more social media sites?

As per the latest statistics, about 73% of Australians rely on electronic social media to share information with the community. If we do not consider kids under fourteen years then about 90% of Australians are using social media networks. More than 50% population of the world is using social media sites to interact with the community. If we do not consider kids (under thirteen) then more than 65% of the world’s population is using social media. Every single day, more than one million new users start using social media.

Let us see how much average time an individual spends on social media.

On average, an individual spends 144 minutes on social media per day, and on average, an Australian spends 104 minutes on social media per day.

In summary, about 90% of Aussies spend 104 minutes per day on social media. Just imagine how much your business can expand if we start flashing your products or services in front of these social media users. That is why a massive number of businesses use social media for their digital marketing.

How can we help you in the social media marketing campaigns of your business?

Different social media platforms use different tools, strategies, and plans to market your products or services. It is very important to use the right tool at right time on the right platform to market your services or products. We offer skills, experience at very competitive rates and we have a list of happy clients. We can assist you to market your products or services on social media, let’s contact us and discuss!

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