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Data migration is the process of reading data from one system and loading it to another system. Usually it also requires some sort of transformation to make data compatible to target database before it can be loaded. This transformation process can be very complex. This whole process is known as extraction, transformation and loading (ETL). When new software solutions are developed then usually ETL jobs are required to move data from legacy system to the new one. There may be many other use cases. If your software project is under-resourced or you have less time to complete it or for whatever reason you want to outsource data-migration tasks then we are here to help you out. We have data migration experts with ETL skills and more than 15 years of experience. We can handle complex data migrations seamlessly. We can deal with any sort of data sources or target, e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, MS Excel, MS Access, Flat Files, or any other RDBMS or NoSQL DB. We can migrate your data as a one off job or we can also provide a batch job, which you can run whenever required. Let us discuss your requirements and see how efficient data-migration jobs, we can provide.


Our data-migration process summary

  • We migrate your data.
  • We provide detailed migration logs.
  • We can handle variety of data sources and targets including different RDBMS, NoSQL or Flat Files.
  • We provide test cases to verify target data quality.
  • We can provide a batch job, which can be executed later, or we can migrate data one off.

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